It's quite an amazing thing to be part of… having a band trust you during the process & then walk away knowing that the best possible recording happened 

- Dave Draves, Founder/Head Producer

I have been involved in music since elementary school singing competitions which lead to the conception of many bands since high school and a 5 summer stint playing piano on the polar bear express.

I finished a BA Honours in music at the university of Ottawa and worked 5 years at another Ottawa institution Songbird Music.

After years of local and cross-country touring , as well as

shows in Europe and the U.S, i finally built a studio in my backyard. It started off as as a basic tracking studio and eventually the building underwent 2 major renovations to become a full tracking, mixing, mastering and rehearsal facility.

It has always been a dream of mine to record and produce music and 20 years in it is still my passion.