Hourly - $60 hst incl.
2 Inch Tape Rental: $80 per reel


Our rates are posted here for a basic reference.  Every session is different, and the best way to figure out how to put together a budget for your project is to give us a call or send an e-mail.


What We Offer At Little Bullhorn

Full Recording Services

Little Bullhorn began as an 8 track analog recording studio in “94. The emphasis has always been on capturing moments and providing options in the tracking of music. The studio is now 16 tracks live analog and 18 live digital with more options in overdubbing. Careful maintenance of quality in signal paths allow for the best in sonic possibilities that extend far beyond the digital home studio. There is a whimsical assortment of keyboards , guitars , basses , drums , microphones , percussions , amplifiers , effects and and other collected treasures that allow for spontaneous music exploration. Four rooms of potential sound isolation accommodate most any elaborate live tracking scenario and result in great approaches to recording.

Full Mixing Services

The studio boasts an API 1608 console purchased new in 2008. This highly touted mixing board can handle 24 tracks for mixing with full transformered sound transfer. Whether the source is 2 inch tape or digital tracks, the mixing provides a high quality signal path with plenty of EQ , FX and ANALOG and DIGITAL processing. The converters available are Protools Black Lion audio, RME and Apogee and can extend tracking to ridiculous numbers of overdubs. Have fun.

Mastering in house and beyond.

Mastering has long been a mysterious and expensive behind doors process occurring in lands beyond the city limits. Now you can see it live for less money...or be connected with other high quality options of varying price points outside of the city.

Music Producer and Artist Development

It has been my experience as an active musician , composer , band leader and producer that music occurs in many different ways. I am fully comfortable with any role that helps music get recorded. Many times this involves observing and aiding someone else’s vision,  respecting a bands’ determination to self-produce, or most commonly being the outside voice that maintains a reasonable workflow and process in achieving a successful recording within the reality of budget and schedules. I am connected with many musicians who can bring extra sound and instruments on short notice. I have studio and university training in conducting and arranging  and am experienced in common instruments and musical ideas to adorn songs and albums. I have produced many albums in and out of my studio in addition to engineering or simply mastering them. Whether I’m supporting a band’s decision making or developing someone’s sound through their songs , it is a big part of what gets done at Little Bullhorn. 

Engineering and Tracking and Rehearsal

Jarrett Bartlett is a local engineer and producer who has much experience in and out of Little Bullhorn. He is available for tracking , mixing and mastering services at the same studio rate. The studio is available for projects of any amount of tracking or mixing, and can take advantage of the large collection of keyboards and real audio effects available. There are also rehearsal times available on an hourly or monthly rate, depending on studio availability.