Isolation Rooms

There are three isolation rooms surrounding the control room allowing for the most flexible live recording scenarios. With an emphasis on eye contact and proximity , the situation of the rooms lends itself to comfortable music recreation while maintaining sufficient sound separation for live tracking options. It is entirely possible to play live as a group and still have the luxury of fixing individual takes. 

Many of the best tracks recorded involve the symbiotic performance of musicians including live vocals where possible. It is inherent in the ideology of the studio to offer “complete live tracking” as a starting point even if ‘the singer and lead guitarist...’ want to overdub later. The control room is equipped with monitors to allow musicians to perform without headphones for more natural tracking and ease of work flow.


Recording Suite

The center of the studio is also the recording hub. The physical presence of 2 inch tape recording and full vintage analog audio gear funnels through the ‘new vintage’ API studio console. The protools is implemented post-fader to keep a constant digital backup print of the music happening for quick monitoring and editing. It also records track backups in overdubbing and final mixes either from tape or protools sources. All real time analog effects such as echoplex tape and lexicon prime time delay , emt plate and akg spring reverb are copied to protools sessions in mixing as well for complete recall of analog mix steps. 

A full list of the gear can be found here.


Bull Fighter Themed Artwork?

There is a predominant art theme of bullfighting. A thrift store collection of spanish-inspired pageantry , mostly donated , is the colour backdrop to the music at work. Sorry for the lack of white walls and modern lighting...