"Dave Draves' studio is a dream come true for me ... or at least when i dream, this is what that studio would look like."

- Howe Gelb, Singer/song writer

Since 1994, over 600 clients have recorded at Little Bullhorn including artists with and without label support. Most come from Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto but several musicians have made the trek from all across Canada, the U.S.A., Cuba, Mexico and even Australia.

Past Little Bullhorn Clients

Kathleen Edwards
the Skydiggers
Jim Bryson
Camp Radio
Chris Page
Jonathan Cohen
Howe Gelb
Serge Monette
the Flats
Julie Corrigan
New Country Rehab
Hey Buster
Big Knife Little Knife
Scattered Clouds
Laurent Bourque
John Carrol

anthony seck

Dawn Pritchard
Jeff Meleras
Her Harbour
Tara Heft
Timothy Kingston
Susan Odle
Isaac Donohue
Pat Shanks
Josh Bley
Caitlin Harnett
Winchester Warm
John Kovach
the Shalabi Effect
Ken Voita
Claude Munson and the Storm
Andre M Bluteau
Revolving Plastic Fire


Melwood Cutlery
Chris Leite
Dean Pallen
Alanna George
Guy Major
Jack Pelletier
Adam Saikeley
Three Times Lucky
Dead Bees
Bush Pilots
Boys of Bytowne
Great Aunt Ida

gentlemen of the woods

the LYNNes

sly and robbie